What’s new in Parallels Desktop 19? Let’s find out

What’s new in Parallels Desktop 19? Let’s find out

By bluerear August 27, 2023 in Deals and Discounts


Parallels Desktop 19: Bridging the Gap Between Mac and Beyond

What a remarkable year it has been! The tech world is excited as Parallels unveils its latest marvel: Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac. Over time, Parallels Desktop has evolved into a productivity powerhouse and an ally for software developers, allowing Mac users to harness the prowess of multiple operating systems simultaneously, all without compromising on performance or experience.

Parallels Desktop software is a tool to run Windows, Linux, and macOS within a virtual environment with a user base exceeding two million professionals, developers, creatives, and enthusiasts. Its impact is profound, touching industries, businesses, and individual pursuits in ways that cannot be overstated.

In this post, we’ll delve into the dazzling array of new features that Parallels Desktop 19 brings and explore how diverse user groups stand to benefit from this innovative release.

Embracing the Future: Compatibility with macOS Sonoma

The ever-evolving landscape of software upgrades demands adaptability, and Parallels Desktop rises to the challenge. The compatibility with the upcoming macOS Sonoma 14 upgrade is a testament to this commitment. An essential module, CGPSConverter, was removed from macOS Sonoma 14, rendering the Shared Printing feature redundant. Ingeniously, Parallels Desktop engineers revamped this feature to harness the power of the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), breathing new life into Windows printing capabilities on Mac.

This transformation is a win-win, preserving the printing function and laying the foundation for potential enhancements. With macOS Sonoma now a virtualization candidate, users can expect a more refined experience when running it within Parallels Desktop.

Elegance Redefined: Design Refinements

Parallels Desktop is, at its core, a Mac app, and its design follows suit. The new release showcases a painstaking attention to detail, adhering to modern macOS design guidelines. The iconography has been meticulously redesigned to harmonize with the aesthetics of the platform. A transition from an iMac-inspired backdrop to a laptop echoes the user base’s preference for MacBook computers.

Symbolically, the parallelism concept takes a back seat, moving from the forefront to the background—a representation of the virtualization engine powering the experience. The design revamp is rounded off by addressing the enigmatic corner hole, now replaced by a rectangle with a dot, serving as a container for unified access across platforms and echoing Parallels’ cohesive branding approach.

Touch of Magic: Integration with Mac via Touch ID

Apple’s Touch ID allure is now extended to Windows sign-in and Parallels Desktop installation. A seamless integration enables Touch ID for Windows sign-in, enhancing convenience and security. By binding Windows credentials to Touch ID, Parallels Desktop ensures a simple and secure authentication experience. This feature is particularly invaluable for Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition users, offering a convenient solution for organizations with stringent security policies.

Empowering Professionals: Enhanced OpenGL and Windows Software Support

The Parallels Desktop community spans professionals from diverse fields, including architecture, engineering, and design. Version 19 doesn’t disappoint, boasting improved OpenGL support up to version 4.1. This enhancement enables more Windows-exclusive CAD software, like VariCAD and Deswik.CAD to run seamlessly on Mac. Even ArcGIS Pro, a popular geographic information system software, notably receives significant performance improvements in this iteration.

Apple Silicon Awakens: Improved macOS VM Operations

Parallels Desktop embraces the Apple silicon revolution, enhancing macOS virtual machines’ capabilities. Despite being under a different framework, macOS VMs on Apple silicon benefit from smoother installation, streamlined operations, and versatile controls. The user experience is polished, with automatic display resolution adjustments during window resizing and improved networking capabilities.

Developers’ Delight: Packer and Vagrant Enhancements

Automation is a cornerstone of Parallels Desktop’s philosophy and extends to development. Collaborating with HashiCorp, Parallels Desktop has streamlined the Parallels Provider for Packer and Vagrant. This integration eliminates the need for Parallels SDK and Python, simplifying creating and configuring macOS virtual machines, even on Apple Silicon. Sample templates and comprehensive guides are available, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for developers.

Unleashing Linux: x86 Containers and CentOS 9 Stream

Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac Pro Edition introduces a groundbreaking feature for developers working with Apple silicon. The ability to run x86 Docker containers and Microsoft SQL Server within a Linux Arm VM, powered by Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology opens new horizons for development and debugging. An out-of-the-box Ubuntu Linux Arm VM caters to these needs, enabling users to quickly consume, debug, and build x86 containers. Additionally, the support for CentOS 9 Stream empowers users with unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

Simplifying Device Management: Microsoft Intune Integration

Device management is a cornerstone of organizational efficiency, and Parallels Desktop acknowledges this reality. Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac Business Edition takes a stride forward, enabling the enrollment of Windows 11 in Microsoft Intune. This capability is extended to instances provisioned via the Parallels My Account web app and cloud storage sharing, streamlining the administration of Windows devices within organizations.

The Culmination of Convergence: Parallels Desktop 19

Parallels Desktop 19 represents harmony between macOS and diverse operating systems. This release takes the already seamless experience of running Windows or Linux on a Mac to unprecedented levels of integration and efficiency. As a Microsoft-authorized solution, Parallels Desktop is a testament to dedication and commitment, providing users with high-quality, reliable, and potent solutions for running Windows 11 on Mac.

In a world where operating systems coalesce, Parallels Desktop stands as a bridge between realms—a testament to the endless possibilities and innovations that define modern computing. Embark on the journey of Windows-macOS synergy with Parallels Desktop 19 and embrace a future where the boundaries between systems fade away.

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What’s new in Parallels Desktop 19? Let’s find out
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